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Index of swimming Pool Tile Series starting with the letter "S"

Tile Series Tile Name Price Range Tile Size Tile Color Type
Saddleback Series LSA-0003 D random Black Blend porcelain
from Japan LSA-0004 D random Harvest Blend porcelain
  LSA-0005 D random Blue Blend porcelain
  LSA-0006 D random Copper Blend porcelain
  LSA-0013 D mini random Black Blend porcelain
  LSA-0014 D mini random Harvest Blend porcelain
  LSA-0015 D mini random Blue Blend porcelain
  LSA-0016 D mini random Copper Blend porcelain
San Diego Series LSD-0661 A 6x6 Peaceful Shores porcelain
from Korea LSD-0662 A 6x6 Sandy Beach porcelain
  LSD-0663 A 6x6 Seawind porcelain
  LSD-0664 A 6x6 Surfspray porcelain
Sante Fe Series ESF-0661 A 6x6 Adobe porcelain
from Italy ESF-0662 A 6x6 Southwest porcelain
Saturn Series ESA-0012 E 1x1 Blue Blend porcelain
from Japan ESA-0034 E 1x1 Bronze Blend porcelain
  ESA-0061 F 6x6 Emerald porcelain
  ESA-0062 F 6x6 Cyan Blue porcelain
  ESA-0063 F 6x6 Midnight Blue porcelain
  ESA-0064 F 6x6 Bronze porcelain
Seacoast Series LSB-0805 C mosaic Blueberry porcelain
from Japan LSB-0806 C mosaic Terra Blue porcelain
Seaside Series PGR-9633 A 6x6 Mediterranean Blue porcelain
from Portugal PGR-9634 A 6x6 Lake Blue porcelain
  PGR-9635 A 6x6 Pacific Blue porcelain
Sedrina Series          
from Japan PEC-0008 D mosaic Royal Blue porcelain
  PEC-0009 D mosaic Antique Blue porcelain
Seminole Series ESE-1331 F 6x6 Pattern Smalt Blue porcelain
from Japan ESE-1332 F 6x6 pattern Crystalline Bamboo porcelain
  ESE-1333 F 6x6 pattern Crystalline Beryl porcelain
  ESE-0661 F 6x6 Smalt Blue porcelain
  ESE-0662 F 6x6 Crystalline Bamboo porcelain
  ESE-0331 E 3x3 Smalt Blue porcelain
  ESE-0332 E 3x3 Crystalline Bamboo porcelain
  ESE-0333 E 3x3 Crystalline Beryl porcelain
  ESE-0111 E 1x1 Smalt Blue porcelain
  ESE-0112 E 1x1 Crystalline Bamboo porcelain
  ESE-0113 E 1x1 Crystalline Beryl porcelain
Seneca Series CEP-2012 F 1/2"x1" Basket Weave Autumn Leaves porcelain
from Japan CEP-2013 F 1/2"x1"Stagger Joint Autumn Leaves porcelain
  CEP-2014 F 1/2"x1"Basket Weave Mountain Meadow porcelain
  CEP-2015 F 1/2"x1"Stagger Joint Mountain Meadow porcelain
  CEP-2010 F 1/2"x1"Basket Weave Driftwood porcelain
  CEP-2011 F 1/2"x1"Stagger Joint Driftwood porcelain
  CEP-2016 F 1/2"x1"Basket Weave Tranquil Sky porcelain
  CEP-9822 F 1/2"x1"Stagger Joint Tranquil Sky porcelain
Serpentine Series          
Serrano Series ESE-0071 A 6x6 Almond porcelain
from China ESE-0075 A 6x6 Silver porcelain
Sezze Series NVB-9660 B 6x6 Blue Slate porcelain
from Italy / USA NVB-9661 E 2x2 Blue Slate porcelain
  NVB-9666 Per Deco 6x6 Deco Blue Slate porcelain
  CSM-2008 Per Deco 6x6 Single Deco Blue Slate Sand Turtle porcelain
  CSM-2009 Per Deco 6x12 Double Deco Blue Slate Sand Turtle porcelain
Shibui Series Shib-103 A 3x3 Whisper Grey porcelain
from Japan Shib-107 A 3x3 Denim Blue porcelain
  Shib-111 A 3x3   porcelain
Sicily Series LSI-0661 A 6x6 Blue porcelain
from Italy LSI-0001 per deco 6x6 deco Blue porcelain
Sienna Series REX-9654 C 6x6 Sunrise porcelain
  REX-9653 C 6x6 Sunset porcelain
  REX-9655 C 6x6 Twilight porcelain
Silvano Series SLP-0402 B 6x6 Ice porcelain
from USA AUU-0400 E 2x2 Ice porcelain
Silverwood Series NVB-9663 B 6x6 Aquamarine porcelain
from Italy NVB-9633 B 6x6 Ocean Blue porcelain
  NVB-9636 B 6x6 Rust porcelain
  NVB-9664 Deco 6x6 Aquamarine porcelain
  NVB-9634 Deco 6x6 Ocean Blue porcelain
  NVB-9637 Deco 6x6 Rust porcelain


Quartzite Series

SQZ-Beige B 6x6 Classic Beige porcelain
  SQZ-Grey B 6x6 Quartz Grey porcelain
  SQZ-Sand B 6x6 Tan/Sand porcelain
  SQZ-Mosaic per LF 6x12 3 colors mixed porcelain


Travertine Series

SPT-Beige B 6x6 Beige porcelain
  CSM-37-2016 3pc scroll 6x18 Beige porcelain
  SPT-Ivory B 6x6 Ivory porcelain
  CSM-37-2014 3pc scroll 6x18 Ivory porcelain
  SPT-Noce B 6x6 Noce porcelain
  CSM-37-2015 3pc scroll 6x18 Noce porcelain
Sioux Series NHG-9810 B 3x3 Aztec Blue porcelain
from Taiwan NHG-9808 B 3x3 Slate porcelain
  NHG-9807 B 1x1 Aztec Blue porcelain
  NHG-9805 B 1x1 Slate porcelain
Solana Series LSO-0661 A 6x6 Beige porcelain
from Italy LSO-0662 A 6x6 Grigio porcelain
  LSO-0663 A 6x6 Rosso porcelain
  LSO-0664 A 6x6 Siena porcelain
  LSO-0611 Deco 6x6 Beige porcelain
  LSO-0612 Deco 6x6 Grigio porcelain
  LSO-0613 Deco 6x6 Rosso porcelain
  LSO-0614 Deco 6x6 Siena porcelain
Solids Series K667 A 6x6 Matte Black porcelain
  M6761P A 6x6 Light Blue porcelain
  M6762 A 6x6 White porcelain
  M6764P A 6x6 Cobalt porcelain
  M6765P A 6x6 Glossy Black porcelain
  M6766P A 6x6 Navy Blue porcelain
  Mas K620 A 6x6 Royal Blue porcelain
  Mas K625 A 6x6 Pool Blue porcelain
  Mas K646 A 6x6 Navy Blue porcelain
  Mas K669 A 6x6 Black porcelain
Songbird Series PEC-0001 C embossed mosaic Wheat porcelain
from Japan PEC-0002 C embossed mosaic Azure porcelain
  PEC-0003 C embossed mosaic Willow porcelain
  PEC-0004 C embossed mosaic Lagoon porcelain
Sonrisa Series PEC-1111 D mosaic Malibu porcelain
from Japan PEC-2222 D mosaic Pebble Beach porcelain
Spectre Series CEP-1000 E 9/16"x9/16" mosaic Marine porcelain
from Japan          
Stazzema Series CPT-9759 E 6x6 flower Caribbean Blue porcelain
from Japan CPT-9761 E 6x6 Field Caribbean Blue porcelain
Stonehaven Series ENS-0001 A 6x6 Dark Variations porcelain
from Italy ENS-0002 A 6x6 Light Variations porcelain
Stonewall Series ESL-0001 F 6x6 Azurite porcelain
from Japan ESL-0002 F 6x6 Castle porcelain
Stonewood Series LSR-0166 B 6x6 Taupe porcelain
from Italy LSR-0266 B 6x6 Brown porcelain
  LSR-0366 B 6x6 Gold porcelain
Sunset Series CEP-9808 C mosaic Antique Marine porcelain
from Japan CEP-9805 C mosaic Teal Green porcelain
  Surf-328 C mosaic Antique Teal porcelain
  CEP-9834 C mosaic Powder Blue porcelain
Sunshade Series ESY-0302 B Deco mosaic pattern White Pearl porcelain
from Indonesia ESY-0305 B Deco mosaic pattern Caribbean Blue porcelain
  ESY-0306 B Deco mosaic pattern Aqua Marine porcelain
  ESY-0308 B Deco mosaic pattern Midnight Blue porcelain
  ESY-0564 B Deco mosaic pattern Blue/White Pearl porcelain
Sunshine Series CEP-9836 E 9/16"x9/16" mosaic Pacific Waves porcelain
from Japan CEP-9809 E 9/16"x9/16" mosaic Spring Leaves porcelain
  CEP-9810 E 9/16"x9/16" mosaic Chestnut Brown porcelain
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