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Each Series starting with "C" are listed to your left as sub pages.


Below is index of "C" Tile Series.


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Index of swimming pool tile series starting with the letter "C"

Tile Series Tile Name Price Range Tile Size Tile Color Type
Cadiz Series PEC-4321 D 3x3 Beamonier porcelain
from Japan          
Calcuta Series ECE-0211 A 2x2 Marble Blue porcelain
from Indonesia ECE-0214 A 2x2 Gloss Black porcelain
  ECE-0239 A 2x2 Terra Blue porcelain
  ECE-0290 A 2x2 Sapphire porcelain
  ECE-0291 A 2x2 Royal Blue porcelain
  ECE-0292 A 2x2 Ocean Blue porcelain
  ECE-0293 A 2x2 Cobalt Blue porcelain
  ECE-0294 A 2x2 Opal porcelain
Camino Series          
from Italy / USA PTL-9600 A 6x6 Ocean Blue porcelain
  PTL-9605 A 6x6 Sand Tan porcelain
  AUU-0806 Deco 6x6 Ocean Blue porcelain
  AUU-5001 Deco 6x6 Sand Tan porcelain
Capistrano Series LCA-0661 B 6x6 Nero porcelain
from Italy          
Castaic Series CPT-9604 E 6x6 Cobalt Rust Deco porcelain
from Japan CPT-9605 E 6x6 Cobalt Ocean Deco porcelain
  CPT-9606 E 6x6 Cobalt Rust Field porcelain
  CPT-9607 E 6x6 Cobalt Ocean Field porcelain
Celestial Series PEC-CE01 E 2-3/8"x11/16" Glossy White porcelain
from Japan PEC-CE02 E 2-3/8"x11/16" Matte White porcelain
  PEC-CE04 E 2-3/8"x11/16" Matte Black porcelain
  PEC-CE05 E 2-3/8"x11/16" Slate Blue porcelain
  PEC-CE08 E 2-3/8"x11/16" Putty porcelain
  PEC-CE248 F 2-3/8"x11/16" Random Blend porcelain
  PEC-CE568 F 2-3/8"x11/16" Random Blend porcelain
  PEC-CE789 F 2-3/8"x11/16" Random Blend porcelain
Channel Series CEC-0001 F 1.75"x1.75" Artic White porcelain
from Japan CEC-0002 F 1.75"x1.75" River Rock porcelain
  CEC-0003 F 1.75"x1.75" Cottage porcelain
  CEC-0004 F 1.75"x1.75" Waterfall porcelain
  CEC-0291 F 1.75"x 9" Artic White porcelain
  CEC-0292 F 1.75"x 9" River Rock porcelain
  CEC-0293 F 1.75"x 9" Cottage porcelain
  CEC-0294 F 1.75"x 9" Waterfall porcelain
Coachella Series LCO-0111 D 1x1 Acapulco porcelain
from Japan LCO-0112 D 1x1 Negril porcelain
  LCO-0113 D 1x1 Black Rock porcelain
  LCO-0114 D 1x1 Kimberly porcelain
  LCO-0115 D 1x1 Southpoint porcelain
  LCO-0661 D 6x6 Acapulco porcelain
Coastline Series CEP-9424 C 3x3 Blue Satin porcelain
from Japan CEP-9434 C 3x3 Royal Blue porcelain
  CEP-9449 C 3x3 White porcelain
  CEP-9454 C 3x3 Black porcelain
  CEP-9459 C 3x3 Maroon porcelain
  CEP-9469 C 3x3 Antique Blue porcelain
  CEP-9496 C 3x3 Beige porcelain
  CEP-9506 C 3x3 Celadon porcelain
  CEP-9511 C 3x3 Mignight Blue porcelain
  CEP-9521 C 3x3 Electric Blue porcelain
  CEP-9531 C 3x3 Teal Green porcelain 
  CEP-9453 C 3x3 Marine porcelain
  CEP-9551 C 3x3 Navy Blue porcelain
  CEP-9559 C 3x3 Dark Grey porcelain
  CEP-9581 C 3x3 Lilac porcelain
not acid resistent CEP-Yellow C 3x3 Yellow porcelain
not acid resistent CEP-Red C 3x3 Red porcelain
Coral Series GMI-0057 B 6x6 Blue Coral porcelain
from Italy GMI-0058 B 6x6 Elkhorn Rustic porcelain
  GMI-0059 B 6x6 Staghorn Brown porcelain
  GMI-0060 B 6x6 Gorgonian Teal porcelain
Cottonwood Series LCO-0661 A 6x6 Crackling Celeste porcelain
from Italy LCO-0662 A 6x6 Crackling Indigo porcelain
  LCO-0663 A 6x6 Crackling Steele Blue porcelain
  LCO-0221 A 2x2 Crackling Celeste porcelain
  LCO-0222 A 2x2 Crackling Indigo porcelain
  LCO-0223 A 2x2 Crackling Steele Blue porcelain
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