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index of swimming pool tile series starting with the letter "H"

Tile Series                   Tile Name      Price Range    Tile Size      Tile Color          Type
Hana Series CPT-9783 D 6x6 Capri porcelain
from Japan CPT-9784 D 6x6 Sepia porcelain
  CPT-9785 D 6x6 Cyan porcelain
Harmony Series PTK-9675 A 3x3 Olive Green porcelain
from Indonesia PTK-9677 A 3x3 Ocean Blue porcelain
  PTK-9679 A 3x3 Pacific Blue porcelain
  PTK-9639 A 3x3 Lake Blue porcelain
Hermosa Series LHM-2205 A 2x2 Marble Blue porcelain
from Taiwan LHM-2206 A 2x2 Cobalt Blue porcelain
  LHM-2209 A 2x2 Black porcelain
  LHM-2210 A 2x2 Royal Blue porcelain
  LHM-2213 A 2x2 Terra Blue porcelain
  LHM-3305 A 3x3 Marble Blue porcelain
  LHM-3306 A 3x3 Cobalt Blue porcelain
  LHM-3309 A 3x3 Black porcelain
  LHM-3310 A 3x3 Electric Blue porcelain
  LHM-3313 A 3x3 Terra Blue porcelain
  LHM-1106 A 1x1 Cobalt Blue porcelain
  LHM-1110 A 1x1 Royal Blue porcelain
  LHM-1113 A 1x1 Terra Blue porcelain
  LHM-1119 A 1x1 Black porcelain
  LHM-1120 A 1x1 Electric Blue porcelain
  LHM-1124 A 1x1 Sky Blue porcelain
  LHM-1140 A 1x1 Navy Blue porcelain
HM/BX 2x2 Series HM206 A 2x2 Cobalt Blue porcelain
  HM220 A 2x2 Electric Blue porcelain
  HM240 A 2x2 Navy Blue porcelain
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