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Little Tile Inc - Online Source To Pool Tiles - Glass - Mosaics
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2016 Tile Catalogs

Cepac Tile 2016 Tile Catalog
2016 Cepac Tile Catalog - Tiles for pools - Kitchens and Bath
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Fujiwa Tile 2016 Tile Catalog
2016 Fujiwa Tile Catalog
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Mastertile 2014 Bro..pdf
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National Pool Tile NPT 2016 Catalog
2016 Tile Catalog from NPT - National Pool Tile
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Little Tile Inc - Online Source to Glass Pool Tile - Sales and Installation

Largest selection of pool tested glass tiles anywhere.


To your left are Glass Tile Series. All can be purchased and shipped to you.


Designed for pool use - wonderful for kitchen backsplashes and showers too.


install spec sheet below


Pool Glass Tiles for sale


Here you will find all the top glass pool tiles listed by series with enlargeable pictures with descriptions. Samples are available.


Wish to purchase - email your request for pricing -


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Orders are then shipped to you


Glass / Tile orders shipped Continental USA directly from warehouses. Glass / Tile orders outside continental USA: the buyer can make freight arrangements and pickup orders at warehouses. Local Orange County customers: Can pickup orders on will-call - no shipping.

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P-602 TCNA - pool glass tile installation specification sheets

glass install requirements
this is the top spec sheet requirement for installing glass in a pool environment. Very important to read and follow
Oceanside Glass.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.1 MB]

swimming pool Glass Series "a-Z" Index

Glass Series Glass Name Price Range Glass Size Glass Color
Acapulco Glass Series NAC-0122 C 1x2 Blue Opal Blend
from China NAC-0123 C 1x2 Obsidian Blend
Allure Glass Series BTI-2008 C 7/8"x7/8"       Peacock             
from China BTI-2006 C 7/8"x7/8" Caribbean
  BTI-2007 C 7/8"x7/8" Bronze
AquaScapes Glass Series OCG-0200 L 1x1 Sapphire
from Mexico OCG-0201 L 1x1 Capri
  OCG-0202 L 1x1 Cobalt
  OCG-0203 L 1x1 Azure
  OCG-0220 L Interlocking Random Sapphire
  OCG-0221 L Interlocking Random Capri
  OCG-0222 L Interlocking Random Cobalt
  OCG-0223 L Interlocking Random Azure
  OCG-0240 L Vertical Random Sapphire
  OCG-0241 L Vertical Random Capri
  OCG-0242 L Vertical Random Cobalt
  OCG-0243 L Vertical Random Azure
Cabezon Glass Series ANM-7424 D 1x1 Turquoise Cobalt Blue
from China ANM-7447 D 1x2 Turquoise Cobalt Blue
  ANM-7431 D 1x1 Turquoise Blue Blend
  ANM-7450 D 1x2 Turquoise Blue Blend
  ANM-7427 D 1x1 Khaki Tan Blend
  ANM-7449 D 1x2 Khaki Tan Blend
  ANM-7426 D 1x1 Black Charcoal Gray Taupe
  ANM-7448 D 1x2 Black Charcoal Gray Taupe
  ANM-7423 D 1x1 Cobalt Blue Blend
  ANM-7446 D 1x2 Cobalt Blue Blend
Canyon Gems Glass Series BTI-2002 C 3/4"x3/4" Blue Quartz
from China BTI-2003 C 3/4"x3/4" Turquoise Blue
  BTI-2004 C 3/4"x3/4" Golden Bronze
Cosmopolitan Glass Series LBT-3000 L interlocking Miami Turquoise
from China LBT-3001 L interlocking Milan Dark Blue
  LBT-3002 L interlocking Sydney Light Blue
  LBT-3003 L interlocking Paris Latte Silver
  LBT-3004 L interlocking Dubai Gold
  LBT-3005 L interlocking Barcelona Copper
Equinox Glass Series        
Essence Glass Series DAP-0000 D 1x1 Royal Blue
from China DAP-0001 D 1x2 Royal Blue
  DAP-0002 D 1x1 Imperial Blue
  DAP-0003 D 1x2 Imperial Blue
Fuji Glass Series EGL-0103 B 3/4"x3/4" Cobalt Blue
from China EGL-0104 B 3/4"x3/4" Deep Green
  EGL-0105 B 3/4"x3/4" Brown Mix
Fusion Glass Series BTI-1080 E Pinwheel Pinwheel Quartz
from China DAP-0020 E Random Royal Blue
  DAP-0021 E Random Imperial Blue
  DAP-0022 E Random Beige
  DAP-0023 E Random Brown
Galactic Glass Series LGA-1111 E 1x1 Light Blue Blend
from China LGA-1211 E 1x2 Light Blue Blend
  LGA-2211 E 2x2 Light Blue Blend
  LGA-1122 E 1x1 Medium Blue Blend
  LGA-1222 E 1x2 Medium Blue Blend
  LGA-2222 E 2x2 Medium Blue Blend
  LGA-1131 E 1x1 Dark Blue Blend
  LGA-1231 E 1x2 Dark Blue Blend
  LGA-2231 E 2x2 Dark Blue Blend
Gem Glass Series ANM-0311 E 1x1 Sea Green Blend
from China ANM-0312 E 1x2 Sea Green Blend
  ANM-0322 E 2x2 Sea Green Blend
  ANM-0711 E 1x1 Bright Blue Blend
  ANM-0712 E 1x2 Bright Blue Blend
  ANM-0722 E 2x2 Bright Blue Blend
Ibiza Glass Series        
Jamaica Glass Series MJC-0317 G Blend 1x1
from China MJC-0387 G Blend 1x1
  MJC-1992 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0079 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0131 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0142 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0165 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0184 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0185 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0238 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0315 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0359 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-0623 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-1240 G Blend 1x1
  MJI-1991 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-0131 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-0247 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-0315 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-0317 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-1991 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-1993 G Blend 1x1
  MJO-6070 G Blend 1x1
Jules Glass Series TPN-2000 D Cobalt Blue 1x1
from China TPN-2001 D Rustic Blue 1x1
  TPN-2002 D Aqua 1x1
  TPN-2003 D Rustic Mocha Blend 1x1
La Jolla Glass Series LLJ-0224 C Midnight Blue 2x2
from China LLJ-0225 C Blue 2x2
  LLJ-0226 C Blue Green 2x2
  LLJ-0227 C Aquamarine 2x2
  LLJ-0128 C Midnight Blue Mixed Mixed
  LLJ-0129 C Blue Mixed Mixed
  LLJ-0120 C Blue Green Mixed Mixed
  LLJ-0121 C Aquamarine Mixed Mixed
  LLJ-0115 C Blue Green 1x1
  LLJ-0116 C Aquamarine 1x1
  LLJ-0117 C Blue 1x1
  LLJ-0118 C Midnight Blue 1x1
Lightwaves Glass Series RHI-1056 F 2x2 Lustrous Sea Green
from China RHI-1057 F 2x2 Prismatic Blue
  RHI-1058 F 2x2 Pearly Aquamarine
  RHI-1050 F 1x1 Lustrous Sea Green
  RHI-1051 F 1x1 Prismatic Blue
  RHI-1052 F 1x1 Pearly Aquamarine
  RHI-1053 F 1x2 Lustrous Sea Green
  RHI-1054 F 1x2 Prismatic Blue
  RHI-1055 F 1x2 Pearly Aquamarine
London Glass Series LS-1170 E Windsor Almond 1x1
from China LS-1171 E Liverpool Mist 1x1
  LS-1172 E Ashford Grey 1x1
  LS-1174 E Brighton Blue 1x1
  LS-1175 E Bristol Mocha 1x1
  LS-1270 E WIndsor Almond 1x2
  LS-1271 E Liverpool Mist 1x2
  LS-1272 E Ashford Grey 1x2
  LS-1274 E Brighton Blue 1x2
  LS-1275 E Bristol Mocha 1x2
Medley Glass Series LTI-2224A F Azure Mixed
from China LTI-0011A F Azure 1x1
  LTI-0012A F Azure 1x2
  LTI-2224B F Black Mixed
  LTI-0011B F Black 1x1
  LTI-0012B F Black 1x2
  LTI-2224R F Royal Blue Mixed
  LTI-0011R F Royal Blue 1x1
  LTI-0012R F Royal Blue 1x2
  LTI-2224T F Turquoise Mixed
  LTI-0011T F Turquoise 1x1
  LTI-0012T F Turquoise 1x2
MoonGlow Glass Series LGD-0001 L Dark Blue 1x1
from Spain LGD-0002 L Light Blue 1x1
  LGD-0003 L Pearl Green 1x1
  LGD-0004 L Pearl Blue 1x1
Ocean Glass Series ANM-7451 C Blue Blend 1x2
from China ANM-7452 C Black Blend 1x2
  ANM-7453 C Blue Green Blend 1x2
OceanScapes Series OCG-0000 L Beacons Blend 1x1
from Mexico OCG-0001 L Blackies Blend 1x1
  OCG-0002 L Doheny Blend 1x1
  OCG-0004 L Pipeline Blend 1x1
  OCG-0007 L Surfside Blend 1x1
  OCG-0020 L Doheny Blend interlocking random
  OCG-0021 L Blackies Blend interlocking random
  OCG-0022 L Pipeline Blend interlocking random
  OCG-0040 L Doheny Blend vertical random
  OCG-0041 L Blackies Blend vertical random
  OCG-0042 L Pipeline Blend vertical random
Opal Glass Series        
Pacifica Glass Series APB-0113 D Dark Blue Blend 1x1
from China APB-0123 D Dark Blue Blend 1x2
  APB-0114 D Light Blue Blend 1x1
  APB-0124 D Light Blue Blend 1x2
  APB-0113 D Pewter Smoke Blend 1x1
  APB-0123 D Pewter Smoke Blend 1x2
  APB-0112 D Turquoise 1x1
  APB-0122 D Turquoise 1x2
  APB-0111 D Cobalt 1x1
  APB-0121 D Cobalt 1x2
  APK-0111 D Pewter 1x1
  APK-0121 D Pewter 1x2
  APN-0111 D Amber 1x1
  APN-0121 D Amber 1x2
Palisade Glass Series NPS-1130 C Dark Blue Blend 3/4"x3/4"
from China NPS-1140 C Amber Blend 3/4"x3/4"
  NPS-1160 C Onyx Blend 3/4"x3/4"
  NPS-1230 C Dark Blue Blend 3/4"x 1-5/8"
  NPS-1240 C Amber Blend 3/4"x 1-5/8"
  NPS-1260 C Onyx Blend 3/4"x 1-5/8"
Platina Glass Series MPL-0001 E Metal Blend 1x1
from Spain MPL-0002 E Cobalt Blend 1x1
  MPL-0003 E Teal Metal Blend 1x1
  MPL-0004 E Teal Cobalt Blend 1x1
Ranchita Glass Series R24B4 E Dark Blue 1x1
from China R24B5 E Light Blue 1x1
  R24K3 E Pewter 1x1
  R24B6 E Light Blue Blend 1x1
  R24B7 E Blue Pewter Blend 1x1
  R24G2 E Celedon Pewter Blend 1x1
Reflections Glass Series BTI-2000 C Cool Aqua 3/4"x3/4"
from China BTI-2001 C Onyx Moonlight 3/4"x3/4"
  BTI-2005 C Blue Lagoon 3/4"x3/4"
  BTI-2009 C Tropical Surf 3/4"x3/4"
Santorini Glass Series        
Sea Ice Glass Series        
Soleil Glass Series TPN-1050 F Anubis Gold mosaic
from China TPN-1051 F Cleo Blue mosaic
  TPN-1052 F Silver mosaic
  TPN-1053 F Anubis Gold 1x1
  TPN-1054 F Cleo Blue 1x1
  TPN-1055 F Silver 1x1
Spectra Glass Series OCG-1000 I Rainbow 1x2
from Mexico OCG-1001 I Harlequin 1x2
  OCG-1002 I Chrome 1x2
  OCG-1003 I Gold Haarvest 1x2
  OCG-1004 I Rainbow 1.375x1.375
  OCG-1005 I Harlequin 1.375x1.375
  OCG-1006 I Chrome 1.375x1.375
  OCG-1007 I Gold Harvest 1.375x1.375
Tribeca Glass Series EZA-4000 B Sand Glossy 1x1
from Spain EZA-4005 B Sand Non-Skid 1x1
  EZA-4001 B Light Blue Glossy 1x1
  EZA-4006 B Light Blue Non-Skid 1x1
  EZA-4003 B Dark Blue Glossy 1x1
  EZA-4008 B Dark Blue Non-Skid 1x1
  EZA-4002 B Light Marine Glossy 1x1
  EZA-4007 B Light Marine Non-Skid 1x1
  EZA-4004 B Dark Marine Glossy 1x1
  EZA-4009 B Dark Marine Non-Skid 1x1
Venice Glass Series ANM-7436 B Cobalt Blue Copper Blend 1x1
from China ANM-7438 B Blue Copper Blend 1x1
  ANM-7444 B Brown Gold Copper Blend 1x1
Waipuhu Glass Series WAI-1210 F Hawaiian Blue Blend 1x2
from China WAI-1207 F Kona Earth Blend 1x2
  WAI-1205 F Hilo Green Streams 1x2
  WAI-1206 F Volcano Ash Blend 1x2
Wobble Glass Series LWO-0000 C Antiqua Blend 1x1
from China LWO-0001 C Bermuda Blend 1x1
  LWO-0004 C Aquamarine Blend 1x1
  LWO-0005 C Light Brown Blend 1x1
  LWO-0006 C Dark Blue Blend 1x1
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